Program Overview
    This is a course in therapeutic yoga designed specifically to reduce low back pain
    and improve back heath.   You will learn a wide variety of gentle yoga poses to
    develop greater strength and flexibility in your low back, as well as the connecting
    upper back, abdomen, hips, and legs.  You will learn movements and breathing
    techniques to relax chronically tense muscles.  

    The course consists of six 60-90 minute classes, held once-a-week.    Each class
    builds on the last, with the poses getting somewhat more challenging in
    successive weeks.   Handouts will be provided of all the poses so you can easily
    practice at home.      

    The style of yoga is Viniyoga, a gentle style of yoga that links movement with the
    breath, and is usually taught one-on-one to meet the particular needs of the
    individual.     I completed an intensive training program in Seattle with Robin
    Rothenberg, who designed and taught the yoga classes in a scientific study that
    proved the effectiveness of this program (see below).

    Who this program is designed for
    These classes are designed to help individuals with chronic low back pain, that is
    due primarily to tight or weak muscles as a result of posture, stress and tension,
    and work and life habits.   These postures may also help individuals with
    congenital conditions or old injuries, who desire to regain strength and suppleness
    to the spine and back.   And of course this is great for those who simply desire to
    maintain and improve the health of their back.

    Scientific research on this program
    This practice was recently proven effective through a research study funded by
    the National Institutes of Health, and published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.
    Participants of this targeted yoga program reported statistically
    significant relief in back pain and tension, and greater ability to function in their
    everyday lives.   The study group that followed this yoga program improved more
    than the group that practiced exercises designed by a physical therapist.   The
    classes I'll be teaching will follow the same series of poses as the published
    research study.   The important thing for you to know is that THIS PROGRAM

    Getting Started in the Program
    These classes are taught privately,or semi-privately if you have a friend you
    would like to share the cost with.   Each class is 60 - 90 minutes in length.   The
    cost is $65 per class, or $300 if you pay for all 6 classes in advance.   Contact
    me for more information or to schedule a time that is convenient for you.   
    406-257-4527 or
Yoga for a Healthy Pain-free Back