The Style of Yoga I teach

    Classes integrate several styles of yoga.   All classes start
    with a warm-up based on Viniyoga, a gentle therapeutic
    style of yoga, where movement is coordinated with the
    breath.   The movement safely warms up the muscles
    and lubricates the joints, while the full deep breathing helps
    the body and mind to relax and focus.

    All poses are taught with careful attention to safe, effective
    alignment based on Iyengar Yoga.  You will learn a wide
    variety of classic yoga poses.  Once students have learned
    the basic poses, and can do them safely with good
    alignment, the poses are often linked together in a style
    known as Vinyasa flow.  In Vinyasa flow yoga, one pose
    flows gracefully into another, which develops strength,
    flexibility and stamina, as well as mental focus.   Classes
    are designed so that simpler, easier poses are practiced
    before more complex poses, to prepare and educate the
    body and mind.

    Classes end with quieter relaxing poses, often including
    restorative poses, and a nice savasana.  

  My Yoga Background and Training

    I began practicing yoga in 1976, and completed a 200 hour
    teacher training program in 1980.   Since then, I've studied
    yoga primarily with Iyengar, Anusara, Viniyoga, and
    Vinyasa Flow teachers.  I've also completed training
    programs in Yoga for Seniors, Therapeutic yoga for Low
    Back Pain, and Yoga Anatomy.  I hold degrees in Biology
    and Chemistry, and a Masters in Wildlife Biology, and have
    a solid western scientific understanding of how the body
    works.  With a total of over 900 hours of training with some
    of the most highly respected yoga teachers, 14 years
    experience teaching yoga to all ages and body types, and
    many years of keeping up a daily home yoga practice, I feel
    I have a deep understanding of applying yoga to help you
    move towards greater health and wellness.
                           The Yoga Studio    

    Location:   The studio is located at 1995 Third Avenue
    East, on the South End of Kalispell, east of the Rosaurs
    grocery store. It's a brick building across the street from
    a little park.  You'll see our Yoga sign in the front, and a
    large parking lot.  We are in the downstairs conference
    room - just go in the front double glass doors, down the
    stairs, and into the room on the right. Feel free to call me
    if you're from out of town and need better directions:

    What you'll find:  Connected to the studio space is a
    room for you to put your things, and 2 bathrooms.  We
    have plenty of props (mats, blocks, straps, bolsters,
    blankets, eye-bags and chairs) so you don't need to bring
    anything, although many people prefer to bring their own
    yoga mat.  

    What to wear and bring:    The room is kept heated at 72
    degrees.   Most people wear footless tights or sweat-
    pants, and a short-sleeve shirt.  In the more vigorous
    classes, many people (myself included) prefer to wear a
    tank top with a long-sleeve top over it so you can cool off
    and warm up as needed.   Some people like to bring water
    to drink, but most hydrate afterwards as needed.

    Our "green" policies:  We use all recycled paper products,
    and the space is very energy efficient to heat.   

    Why our prices are so low:    My husband is an owner of
    the engineering building, and they give me a great deal on
    rent.   Low rent allows me to keep my prices far lower than
    any other teacher in the Flathead Valley with comparable
    training and experience.     
About Kalispell Yoga